3 – 7 JUNE 2020


Midwest Chapter 17 Welcomes you to the 2020 Dayton Reunion

Midwest Chapter 17, as all other Chapters before it, is honored to act as host to the 2020 Reunion in Dayton, Ohio. Our dates are June 3d through June 7th. The Chapter is putting forth every effort to create a relaxed and pleasing reunion.

Dayton is in the Midwest and all roads from all directions merge into this area. Roads and airlines are plentiful from every direction. An airport shuttle service is provided by the hotel. The registration fee ($173.) and the complimentary package is standard and familiar to all. We are offering free lunch to the Gold Star members and a $15.00 feee to the Ladies Luncheon. Free parking is granted at the downtown Crowne Plaza as well as the two overflows. Shuttles too are provided by the hotels, all good for a five mile radius. (Validate the parking ticket of the Crowne Plaza at the desk.) At the Crowne Plaza valet parking is offered to all veterans.

The restaurant of the Crowne Plaza is on the top floor. Take in a late evening meal and be surrounded under a hue of the restaurant’s shifting colors.

The Reunion sign-in will be conducted on the broader spaces of the second floor. Both the Vendors and the Hospitality Room will be in the same area. A few short steps off the elevator and you are there. For those interested we are hoping to provide tattoos and a tattoo artist. Plan on getting one or plan on getting one removed. We are looking to place this in the Vendors and Hospitality area that there may be no searching for it.

An overhead walkway connects the hotel to the beautiful Convention Center, offering easy access with little walking. About one block from the hotel is the Spaghetti Warehouse. Step in for a lunch or evening meal, or step up to its bar for a favorite drink.

Adjacent this is a Coffee and Wine Bar called Third Perk. It has an indoor and outdoor seating for those seeking a morning or afternoon coffee.

Please be sure to check your map and tour guide book furnished in the Welcoming bag. It will guide you to the Packard Auto Museum, about three blocks from the Crowne Plaza. It will guide you the
Historic Oregon District, a rustic street of rustic shops and restaurants to fill your day. The nightly Comedy Club is in this area, all within three blocks of the hotel.

A live band and its music is provided nightly at the Levite Pavillon Concerts. This is just outside the door of the hotel. For those registering for the Thursday evening barbecue on the Pavillon grounds the food and tables will there as you enjoy the outside festivities of a live band.

At the Marriott overflow don’t feel left out because you are within shuttle or walking distance to the Carillon Historic Park. The Wright Brothers National Museum is there, as well as many other sights.  The Carillon Brewing Company is in this area. Stop in for a meal with seatings on the main floor or up in the loft or outside in the garden.  While there you must request its variety of drinks from an 1850’s receipt. It is a peculiar drink that, once tasted, you will understand why it was the cowboys drew their pistols and shot one another.

It is a short distance from the hotels to the Carillon Park but, for your convenience, you can register for the Friday bus tour to go there as group with as many members as possible. But the tour to Carillon Park will conflict with the bus tour to the newly developed National War and Memorial Museum in Columbus. (The 173d has a corner in that museum.) With the registration you will have to choose between the two.

Thursday will create another conflict of schedule between the golfers and the bus tour to the Wright Patterson Air Force Museum. However, with car rentals or with friends the golfers will have easy reach to Wright Patterson later that day or later during the week. It is a truth that you can spend the whole day inside the Wright Patterson Museum and not see everything. The plane that dropped the bomb on Nagasaki is there.

Our golfers will tee off at the Kitty Hawk Golf Center. Rolling mounds and picturesque greens will offer the best of challenges. Your maps and tour pamphlets will offer further guides to greater shopping malls and food courts. An Indian Sun Dance is conducted on the outskirts north of Dayton. The Dragon Baseball Stadium is within shuttle or walking distance. It holds the national record as consistent sell-outs. We don’t yet have the schedule but perhaps one will be able to take in an evening baseball game.

Chapter 17 is laying the foundation to build everything upward that all of the Association might journey forth to Dayton and enjoy a Reunion in the land of Wright Brothers, the birthplace of aviation. Embrace history as you step into the Wright Brothers bicycle shop. Hard to believe that explorations into outer space evolved forward from there.  With family and friends here’s hoping for a pleasant Reunion.  Veterans of the 173d you are saluted.

Midwest Chapter 17


  • 1200-1800  Registration
  • 1300-1900 Vendors Area Open
  • 1300-2200  Hospitality Area Open
  • 1000-1800  Registration
  • 0900-2000  Vendors Area Open
  • 1300-2200  Hospitality Area Open
  • 0830-0900  Load bus to Golf Outing
  • 0900-0930 Load bus to Wright Patterson Museum
  • 1730-2000  Barbecue/Band Concert
  • 0800-0830  Load bus to National War/Memorial Museum  (Columbus, Ohio)
  • 0900-0930  Load bus to Carillon Historic Site (Brewery/restaurant)
  • 0900-1400  Registration
  • 0900-2000  Vendors Area Open
  • 1300-2200  Hospitality Area Open
  • 0800-0930  Board of Directors Meeting
  • 0900-1200  Registration
  • 0900-1700  Vendors Area Open
  • 0930-1130  General Membership Meeting
  • 1030-1200  Ladies Luncheon
  • 1200-1330  Gold Star Lunch
  • 1300-1700  Hospitality Area Open
  • 1730-2100  173d ABN BDE ASSN BANQUET
  • 2100-2300  Hospitality Area Open

1000-1130 Sunday Memorial Service


Event Registration

Hotel Reservations

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Crown Plaza is now sold out. Overflow hotel: Mariott at the University of Dayton, 1414 South Patterson Blvd, Dayton, Ohio 45409; phone: 937-223-1000.



Retired Four Star General and Airborne Commander Curtis Michael Scaparrotti will be our guest speaker for the banquet.

Crown Plaza is now sold out. Overflow hotel: Mariott at the University of Dayton, 1414 South Patterson Blvd, Dayton, Ohio 45409; phone: 937-223-1000.

Complimentary wheelchairs provided at Wright Patterson Museum.

When choosing between the War Memorial Museum tour and the Carillon Historic Park tour, choose one or the other, not both. The buses for these tours depart within an hour of each other going in opposite directions.

Please note: no refunds will be issued after May 24, 2020.


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